Creating a more beautiful world one hectare at a time

It's time to get back to nature

Growing our own food

Building community and creating

an affordable, sustainable future

for all life on earth

Our primary purpose is to create a community who want to live closer to nature who want to live off the grid. Have homes, gardens, workshops, education, recreation and community, for people who want to live a self sufficient, socially rewarding lifestyle. To teach, grow and learn and most importantly to make it affordable and accessible to anyone who is ready to live it.

It has become totally, completely and abundanly clear, the way we live has to change

One of the most remedial things we can do for the earth is to change the way live, how we grow food, how much fuel we burn. A large number of these and other issues are immediately addressed when we choose to live consciously and in harmony with the ecosystems of earth, i.e. in an ecovillage.

What if the main barriers to village life were taken care of, i.e. finding 10 to 100 or so like minded people, affording to buy land and then going through all the legal hassles of land division, sharing agreements, resource consents and whole raft of other concerns. Cohabitat was formed to address these main issues along with many others, so people like you can connect with others and get the land you need. We are building a self funding network of people and resourses to make this way of life easy, accessable and affrordable to the people who are ready to live it!

Cohabitat is a developing system of locally funded and run villages. We want to connect people to greatly increase the accessability, affordability and viability of ecovillages for people who are ready to live a far more sane lifestyle and give them the tools to get there.

So if you like the ideology, no matter where you are, get in touch, and be the change.

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