Creating a more beautiful world one hectare at a time

It's time to get back to nature

Growing our own food

Building community and creating

an affordable, sustainable future

for all life on earth

The main idea is to perfect the investment and buying model, and the running of it, to such a degree that it becomes imminently elegant and replicable. We will be completely open source, fully transparent at all times.

How to walk away (for $25K) from one world and into a whole new era of cooperation, collaboration and celebration. The basic concept for now is. Roughly 1 hectare per household split as approx 25% to live on, 15% for community garden, sheds workspace etc, and 60% wild for nature to look after. It’s not set in stone but a starting point toward true sustainable life on earth

Keywords: Open source, permaculture, carbon negative, regenerative, rewilding

Here is and idea of types of properties we might like to live on.

This property is 291 hectares has 2 houses and numerous other buildings. Is at the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island, 10 minutes from a small town with a supermarket, hardware, cafes etc, and an hour from a small city, and a perfect example of land fit for purpose. 200x 1ha Residential lots @ $25,000 Your own hectare, Raises = $5,000,000 Spend = $3,650,000 Land. Up to $1,350,000 to invest in legals and infrastructure (tunnel houses,water supplies etc).

Looking North

Looking South West

Some more properties that are worth consideration. Maybe you’d like to vote them into a hierarchy or the one you’d most like to invest in.

Cohabitat is a developing system of locally funded and run villages. We want to connect people to greatly increase the accessability, affordability and viability of ecovillages for people who are ready to live a far more sane lifestyle and give them the tools to get there.

So if you like the ideology, no matter where you are, get in touch, and be the change.

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