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One day soon all the land will be all gone, or far too expensive for the likes of you or I to have a piece to call our own.

If you've reached this site you are probably already thinking about moving on from the rat race, from a job you possibly don’t enjoy, traffic, high rent. You see that life needs to be lived in a far more sustainable way, where soil health, birds and insects, and organic produce are more important than what’s on TV or in the wardrobe. Alas much of what we see going on in the world today is a jolting reminder the time for change is already here and now that you've found Cohabitat, you've found people who are similarly aligned and ambitious to co-create something that makes much more sense. .

Are you feeling some kind of lifestyle dysphoria, that there's an imbalance between the world you'd like to live in and the one outside your door.... read on.

In our desire for a better life we seem to have overshot the sweet spot and are experiencing more negative effects than positive.

We are at, or reaching peak debt, peak deforestation, peak pollution, peak biodiversity decline, peak depression, peak wealth gap, peak suicide, biodiversity disaster ….really there are just too many ways to list of how we’re doing it wrong. The effects on all the living systems of earth are catastrophic to say the least. We’ve taken the earth to the limits of her ability to sustain life under our continuing exploitation and disregard for the very fabric of life. It is becoming obvious that we need to live differently, and idealy in more peaceful and natural surroundings, we need to work and live together with kindness and cooperation.

We don't need to go back to living like cavemen either, we've created some amazing stuff and it would definitely be a step backward to leave much of it behind. It's more the way we live. With open loop extract-use-discard commodity streams, a non permaculture, non sustainable abuse of the very ecosystem that sustains us, and all life on the planet, profiteering and the ever widening gap between rich and poor, no company or individual needs to make another million or billion in profit this year or any year, there are people starving and who can't make the rent. Some change is necessary and overdue.

Living in an ecovillage, one that is properly structured and well organised, populated with like minded dedicated people, can provide for and fulfil the needs of individuals and the group and be something far more resembling the utopia we dream of.

We have the resources and knowledge to do this, to create a life that can be grown and shared, that we may live stress free, rich and highly evolved lives among the good, the true and the beautiful.

Here are a few more articles and videos if you're interested in how some others view the crisis and what we can do about it.

Cohabitat is working towards developing locally funded and run villages. We want to connect people and increase the accessability, affordability and viability of ecovillages for people who are ready to live a more connected to nature lifestyle and give them the tools to get there.

So if you like the ideology, no matter where you are, get in touch, get in touch, and be the change.

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